Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Great Southern Tradition

So, if you've checked out This Little Light of Mine, then you know that Sheep's singing "debut" took place at church, not in my kitchen - although many a performance has! It's true. What you see here is a mere rendition, a re-creation, a reproduction of what took place that Sunday. But it's still worth watching! And so, with purple shirt and denim shorts donned, just exactly what she wore BTW, my darling daughter (or should I say darlin'?) joins the ranks of a long line of proud southerners - the reenactors!

Surely you've seen, or at least heard of them! Reese Witherspoon dedicated a significant portion of her movie Sweet Home Alabama to them! And more than one high school in Texas has been known to reenact the battle for Texas' Independence! Now I'm sure there must be reenactors in other places as well - but if you google the word reenactor, the first entry to pop up is The Civil War Reenactors Home Page - and I'll bet you anything that the majority of their groups are located in the South. There's just too many people who still think that if we could just do it over one more time, the outcome might be different. Doing the same thing over and over again but expecting something to change? In other places they call that crazy - but down here, we call it tradition. And I'm a Aggie, so I know a little something about tradition!

On their home page, there's a section that asks, "So you want to become a reenactor?" and here's what it has to say:

The first thing you will need to do is choose the side you will fight for . . .
I would highly recommend actually finding the unit you wish to join before
buying anything! Most units will have a person in charge, or at least a list, to
instruct new recruits on what to purchase and where to purchase it . . .
Hopefully, you will want to be as authentic as possible and wearing a uniform or
carrying equipment that is incorrect will ruin your impression.

Sounds like we didn't do too badly! We aced the clothing and equipment - and we didn't have to spend a thing! I didn't even need to drag out the infernal video camera. This time I just turned on my my little point and click camera and switched it to the video option - cool. And like the other great southerners that have gone before me, I'm proud of the side she's chosen to fight for and the unit she's joined . . . so listen up, ya hear?!

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