Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Carrot Door Planter

I hope everyone had a blessed Easter - I know we did!  We had the chance to celebrate with family on both sides, prep for Easter with our friends, join in not one but TWO local Easter egg hunts and celebrate Jesus' resurrection with our church family and family on Sunday back at our house.

Since we were hosting the family Easter lunch and egg hunt here, Speed and I have spent  the last two weeks trying to get the house and yard in shape for Spring, which hasn't left me much time for anything else.  But I did manage to squeeze in a project I had planned on completing last year!  And as you can see, I'm still late to party posting Easter decor after the event. {Oh well.}

And I'm proud to say that the potted plant I used in this cute carrot planter has been alive since last Spring and still looks great I might add - so there!

I've seen these deco-mesh carrots several places, and it seems that people have used lots of different things for their base, but I really wanted mine to be able to hold an actual plant, so it took some savvy shopping to get the parts assembled.  I ended up using a small collapsible easel from Michael's for by carrot, which allowed me to invert it and wedge a small plastic planter into the triangle it made.  Otherwise, it's constructed like any other deco-mesh decor, by simply securing loops of the mesh to the planter at intervals until you're happy with it.  I used orange pipe cleaners to accomplish this and it worked great!

Used a Command hook to hang on my glass front door and voila!  Super easy, super cute and only about $12 for the whole project so super-cheap too!  So pin it for next year - you'll be glad you did!

Happy Easter!  Happy Spring!