Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Grrreat Teacher Gift Idea!

I know we're midway through our second week of school around here, but meet-the-teacher was just last night and the truth is, teachers appreciate a thank you anytime of year, not just on the first day!

I came across these cute little panda staplers after Christmas and thought they would make a sweet sussie for Sheep's teachers this year.  And though we didn't manage to get our package together on the first day, they have gotten them by now!

This was a quick and easy idea I put together using Chinese takeout boxes that I had leftover from another event.  I made all the stickers using only the free clipart on Microsoft, Powerpoint and my 2" punch!  

Then I stuffed in a few fortune cookies from my local Asian restaurant (Yum) and some red tissue paper to tie it all together.  I had also thought about adding a gift card to the restaurant as well, but decided it was enough.

Sheep and I worked on  clever little card to attach with some ribbon and voila!

Teacher gifts?  Check!

Happy Back-to-School Y'all!
P.S.   I haven't loaded these labels as a free printable yet because I made them very quickly and the printable would be pretty rough, but if you're interested in them, leave me a comment and I can get them to you!

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  1. I would love the free Microsoft clipart you used. Thank you for offering to share them.