Wednesday, November 23, 2011

One Good Dog

He was smart, free-spirited and loving - not unlike his owner.  And I was lucky enough to become his mama when Speed and I tied the knot.  He and my dog Augusta looked so much alike that we knew it was meant to be.  A year later Sheep arrived - and he took on a new role as 'Nana' to our little 'Wendy' - an unexpected role he never tired of.  I read somewhere that it's good to raise children with pets, because they will teach them about death among other things.  But Otto was here to remind everyone about how to LIVE!!
  1. Find something you LOVE to do and pursue it passionately. 
  2. Whatever you do, do it with joy and carefree abandon.
  3. Be loyal.
  4. Some rules (and gates, and fences) were meant to be broken.
  5. SEEK opportunity.
  6. Love deeply.
  7. Take time each day to sit in the sun.
  8. Seek shelter from storms with family.
  9. Protect those you love.
  10. Keep your roots, but use your wings.

So fly away my furry friend.  You will always be loved.

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