Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What matters most . . .

If you were to ask me that question I would answer, "My relationships with Jesus, family and friends," in that order.  But if you were to watch me, you might come to a different conclusion.  Because despite my best efforts each holiday season, I still find myself getting caught up and STRESSED OUT about worldly things, like appearances and material things.  For example, this year I decided to totally change my Christmas colors and decorations and do it up big 'for the kids!'  After all, having spent most of my adult Christmases so far both single and childless, I have amassed a collection of decorations that are beautiful, elegant - and for the most part BREAKABLE!!!!

At least you could divert and correct the toddler Sheep, but not so for Snacks!  Snacks is focused, determined and not to be denied when it comes to destroying exploring things in his path!  Needless to say, nightmares visions of broken glass have been swirling around in my head for months!  So, 4 shopping sprees and a week of Christmas chaos later, Christmas has officially arrived!!  But not without a few tense moments, multiple stern looks, more than his share of time outs and wine (lots of wine - ha)! 

Which got me thinking, was I really do this for them??  If so, then why so much frustration (already?!)and so little celebration of the season ahead?   Am I too busy preparing my house for Christmas instead of preparing my heart for Christ??  And if so, what am I teaching those little souls I have been to raise by my actions??

The answer came to me, as it so often does, in the voice of my daughter.  Yesterday, as we were frantically driving to our next destination (I am chronically late, so we are always frantically going somewhere unfortunately), she was asking me about the ornaments on the tree.  I had explained to her that the blown glass ornaments were 'collectibles' and were very special to mommy.  That's why I had put a few of them high up on the tree and most of them back in the ornament box this year.  She thought for a minute and then responded by saying that she didn't think she collected anything.  I reminded her that she did have 'collectibles' because I had been collecting Russian nesting dolls for her since her first Christmas.  To which she innocently replied, "No mom, you collect those.  The only thing I collect is friends."


Her Christ-like spirit blows me away!!.  I am so proud (and humbled) by the person she is becoming.  And soooo grateful for the GIFT God has given me in both Sheep and Snacks - even if he is a tiny tornado!  So I'm tucking that little reminder somewhere close to my heart, and will make more of an effort to keep Jesus, family and friends at the top of my "To Do List" this season, and always.

What will you do to keep the Christ in Christmas this year?

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