Monday, September 10, 2012

There's A Lot To Do . . .

 . . . When You're Two!

It really is an AMAZING age!

Just imagine if you were asked today to grow 2-3 inches (while gaining only 10 pounds- ha!) and at least two teeth in the next twelve months.  You'll also be asked to completely change your sleeping habits, method of drinking, method of pottying, your method of being comforted and most likely your method of communicating as well.  Most of us would simply say, "No thank you."  And more than a few of us might consider it downright impossible! 

It's no wonder they call it 'The Terrible Twos.'

So, like most two-year-olds embarking on the transition from babyhood to kid-dom, Snacks has been quite busy over the summer:

Learning to use the potty,

Saying goodbye to his morning nap,
AND to his most beloved companion

BINKY {sniff}
All in preparation for his first day of 'school!'
It's a MDO program near our home that he attends 4 hours a day, 3 days a week this year.
Believe it or not that's a smile these days!
He LOVED his first day!!
No tears at all when I dropped him off and all smiles when I picked him up!
The next two days were a little rougher, but we'll see how he does tomorrow. 
I am so excited to see him growing and expanding his horizons, even though the house is awfully quiet without my little man. . . I guess it's mom's turn for a {SNIFF}

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