Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Froberg's Family Fun!

After a last-ditch effort at winter over the weekend, Monday arrived sunny and warm.
Ahhhh, spring!
March is strawberry season around these parts and we were more than a little excited to head out to our local pick-your-own farm in Alvin, TX to sample some of the state's sweetest!  Picking strawberries at Froberg's has been a family tradition since at least 2009 and like our family, it's grown and changed over the last five years as well!  Although we were surprised by the swanky new entrance (Ooooo-we - paved and everythang), we were happy to see the fields just as green and red and bountiful as ever!  And our favorite oak tree still stands in the center, inviting visitors to take a deep breath and stay awhile.  Since we visited after school on Monday, we didn't have time to stop and enjoy the picnic tables that were added a few years ago, but we were able to enjoy the farm in relative solitude at that time of day and it was heavenly.  These days my very-experienced field hands can fill two buckets with strawberries pretty darn quickly, so we did manage to squeeze in a little playtime and snap a few pictures before heading back home.  You can find your own local, 'pick-your-own' farm in both the United States (and other countries!) and enjoy an afternoon outdoors by simply heading on over to  We made 'smashed strawberry preserves' this afternoon, and another strawberry surprise I will be sharing with you soon!  In the mean time, I hope you enjoy this first taste of spring as much as well do!
Heading out!
This year we decided to head all the way out and work our way back toward the oak tree.
The infamous cheesy smile!
Fill 'er up!

Wow!  Check out this mutant giant strawberry!  And yes, we picked it!

"I got it!"  My big man!


Time to play!
Where's your shoe?!
 . . . and relax.

On the other hand, who needs strawberries when you've got something this sweet?!
I hope you love each other this much forever!
- Mom



  1. What yummy strawberries! Looks like a great day of family fun. I'd be thrilled if you'd link up at this week's Off the Hook!

    1. Thanks for the invite . . . but I thought I already had - lol!! I will head your way now and make sure and thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend!