Monday, October 29, 2012

Our Annual Pumpkin Primp!

Well, it was a fun (but hectic) weekend, and the weather was just PERFECT here, which only added to the enjoyment. 

Prayers though for all my friends and family living in hurricane Sandy's path, who have a lot more on their minds than Halloween tonight. {Hugs.}  I hope the rest of you were able to get out and soak up some Fall too!

One thing that didn't get scratched off our annual Halloween bucket list over the weekend was painting our pumpkins!  As I've mentioned before, we steer clear of carving around here . . . so painting it is!  Besides, my kids love anything that involves getting messy and is mom-sanctioned too!

I really do love to watch my budding Picasso's at work.  So much so that we've actually hosted a pumpkin painting party every year, sometimes for friends and more recently for classmates.  I've always loved Halloween.  And most moms are more than happy to let their little Picasso paint a pumpkin at someone else's house.  Last year we had about 15 (!!) first graders painting pumpkins on the porch.  I'm crazy - I know!!

Anyway . . . we've had our pumpkins for a couple of weeks already, but haven't managed to find one night to even have neighbors over for an impromptu pumpkin primp.  So with Halloween only 2 days away, it was time to just 'get 'er done!'

Snacks knew just what to do and within minutes had his first masterpiece ready to display!

We use tempera paint our pumpkins, which makes for easy clean-up - though I suggest investing in one of those plastic-backed tablecloths from the dollar store for this project, especially with little ones!  I also put them in paint smocks to protect their clothes.  These were actually party favors from Sheep's birthday.

I have several old muffin tins that I keep handy for paint projects and they work great for keeping the colors separated!  They are also easy to clean afterwards!

The best part of using tempera paint is that if you make a mistake (Who, me?!) you can simply 'erase' it with a damp paper towel and start again. {Smile}

CAUTION:  That also means these designs are not waterproof so they will not last in the rain, unless you spray them with a sealant afterwards.  Otherwise, just make sure that stay on the covered part of your porch!

It was a lot of fun painting this year with just myself and the kids - I was able to actually join in on the fun too!  Sheep and I decided to make angry bird pumpkins (Thanks for the inspiration Rachel!) and then I decided to make a monogrammed pumpkin to greet our guests on Wednesday night!

Cute, huh?!

I had everyone (available) add a thumbprint and then I added their names in small lettering.
I did say no to the idea of adding the puppies' paw prints as well.  Even I have my limits - ha!

They all look wonderful at the front door.

And the kids (and I) are mighty proud of them too!
Making memories is what the holidays are all about and I am so thankful to have taken this afternoon to do just that.

Happy Halloween Y'all!

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