Monday, October 1, 2012

Spooky Halloween Bunting

It's so easy, it's SCARY!!
And pretty darn cute too!!
I came up with this idea one Saturday afternoon when I heard those dreaded words that make every mom want to SCREAM . . . . "I'm bored!"  Sheep got lucky - usually I hand her a dustrag!
To make your own 'Spooky Halloween Bunting', you'll need the following supplies, that you probably already have on hand, but if not, can be purchased at your local dollar store!
Medum weight paper plates
Tempra paint
Construction paper
Assorted pipe cleaners
Googly eyes (or buttons)
Yarn, string or jute
Hole punch
Turn over your plates and paint the backside (usually it's white, even if the plates have a pattern to them).  While you're waiting for them to dry, use your imagination to cut out ears, legs, eyes, and mouths for your creepy creatures.
We accordion-folded our spider's legs for more interest and curled pipe cleaners around pencils (you could also use your finger) for some of our embellishments!  Once the paint is dry, attach everything with glue or staples.  Sheep used her markers to add even more decorations to some of our ghouls!
Our Spooky Halloween Bunting included:  Pumpkins, Witches, Ghosts, Devils and Spiders but I'm sure you could think of even more creepy creatures to add!  This was a great way to spend an afternoon and Sheep (who was 5 at the time) was able to do most of it on her own - so it's definitely been kid-tested and approved!
Once you've got your Halloween haunts looking the way you want them to, simply punch a hole at the top and string them onto some yarn!  It took 13 (don, don, don) to run the length of our staircase and you can see about how far apart we placed them.
They held up pretty well too.  I kept them with the other Halloween decorations after the first year, used them outside on our porch last year AND in her classroom too before thowing them away!  So, it's looks like it might be time for another round this year, and with Snacks getting in on the action, who knows what kind of spooky spiritswe'll come up with this year!
Stay tuned for more fun holiday ideas and Happy Halloween Y'all!

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