Friday, October 26, 2012

Foam-tastic Cupcake Toppers!

Why not trick out your Halloween treats with these Cah-YOU-t cupcake toppers?!
They're so easy (and cheap!!) that anyone can do them -
no printing, no punching, no nothin' required!
Well, that's not totally true . . .
you will need some toothpicks and some foam holiday craft stickers, but THAT'S IT!!
I grabbed this package of 110 stickers with a 40% coupon a few weeks back and will have plenty-o-toppers for many Halloweens to come!
Simply peel back the paper (partially), add your toothpick, and re-stick the paper backing!  I used two toothpicks on the cats - one on each leg - rather than one in the middle, so you wouldn't see them.
These over-sized toppers make such a bold and FUN statement atop my Halloween cupcakes that they are sure to be hit at the school carnival's Cake Walk tomorrow!  I am not-so-secretly hoping to win these beauties back for myownself {Grin} because I love, love, love this recipe!  Though it never happens, a girl can dream, right?!
We have Fall Festivals and Halloween carnivals on just about every corner in our town this weekend and the weather has (finally) cooled off, so it should be a GREAT weekend to enjoy them all!  I hope you and your family are doing something fun this weekend too!


  1. That is a good idea to use those as cupcake toppers. I like the cat and the ghost.

    1. Why thank you - and thanks for stopping by! The cat and the ghost are my favorites too!

  2. Great idea! And, the kids would probably love to play with the foam toppers after they eat their cupcakes!

    Thanks - pinned it!

    1. Yay!! Thanks - maybe I can do a feature post for you sometime. Great bloggers think alike, right ;o)

  3. Wow... these are adorable! Personally, Halloween is my favorite holiday and found these to be awesome! Found you over at DebbieDoo's!

    1. LOVE DebbieDoos! Thanks so much for stopping by! I've got lots of fun Halloween ideas this year, so take a look around. Hopefully I will have another one up today - yippee!