Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Girl Scouts!



And what an amazing gift it has been in my life! 

While not a girl scout herself as a child, my mother was a girl scout leader for many years and both my sister and I were girl scouts.  Now I am all grown-up into a girl scout leader myself, with my tiny little Daisy following in those footsteps!  I hope she enjoys it as much as I did - with all the memories and friendships that have lasted me through the years!

My own little Daisy troop celebrated last week at a local yogurt shop, who was kind enough to let us decorate their sidewalk with chalk in honor of the 100 year anniversary!

We made templates for some of the wording (just to make sure others could read it - ha!)

and drew a large trefoil girl scout logo in front of the door!

We also let our Daisies trace their hands in chalk around a blue center to look like the Daisy petals on their uniforms!

All the girls had a great time and did a great job . . .  as usual!  My girls are all so creative!!

After all that hard work, we celebrated inside with some yogurt and Thin Mint topping they had bought from our troop for the celebration as well!

Are you a girl scout?  Do you know a girl scout?!
What will you do to celebrate to day?!


  1. Congratulations for 100 years of fun and commitment.

  2. Love it! My daughter is a Daisy girl scout too, and we absolutely love the organization. What a fun way to celebrate!

    1. And we earned the all important 'patch' for doing it too! My own Daisy isn't very into the patches yet, but some of my little girls are already obsessed! Hope y'all are having fun with it too!