Friday, May 11, 2012

Blogapaloosa 'Jolly Good' Giveaway!

Cheery Oh!!  Today we're hopping the pond to meet Adele from Mammy Made!!
She is a RE-fashonista Extrordinaire and I am SOOO excited to make the introductions!
Her she is to tell you all about her jolly good giveaway!

It's Blog-A-Pal-Loosa day 6 and that means it is my giveaway day!! I have never done a giveaway before and I am so excited to be taking part in this group giveaway. It's been brilliant fun!
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Today I am going to be giving away EITHER a purple gingham bow tie OR an apron skirt made in the same purple gingham and flowery broderie anglaise. 
They both turned out so cute and I am excited to be able to make one for the little boy or girl in your life. I know you will love them too!
Both are pictured toddler size but can be made bigger or smaller, depending on measurements. 
Please bear in mind that I live in England. I do not mind posting worldwide but please allow at least 2 weeks for delivery.
By the way . . . are you ready for the London Games?! Totally off topic, but having a new British Bloggy Buddy has gotten me excited! I just love, love, love the Olympics!  And I've been seeing lots and lots of English-inspired projects these days too!  Last year a wedding, this year the Olympics - WOW!  What will you be doing to celebrate?

Head over to  Mammy Made, to enter!


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