Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Childhood Memory and Blogapaloosa 'Lonestar Lovelies' Giveaway!

After reading all about Jennifer from Finding My Way in Texas, I went and found this image of a well-worn sayin' in these parts because I think it just might sum up Jen's feelings about her 'new' home and hubby!

I'm sure by now she's been introduced to real barbecue

Beef Brisket

and bluebonnets (of course)

but I'd like to tell her (and you) about another Texas pleasure and favorite childhood memory of mine!


They grow wild around here and it's often an adventure in itself just to find them, but they are SOOOO worth the trouble, because they are Dee-licious!!

When we were growing up, our neighbor worked for the railroad and used to take us out to the tracks to pick each Spring.  We'd eat more than we brought home because they are so good, especially fresh off the vine and warm from the sun!  They start with small white flowers, then red berriesd that turn a deep purple when they are ripe!  They are very similar to a blackberry but with a milder (less tart) taste.  They are yummy  . . . and a sweet taste of my childhood!

Seems like these days, most of the wild places are gone, so you might have to ask a local where to find them.  I am lucky enough to have found these right in my own back yard!  Literally!
When we bought our house, the back and far side of our garage was a REAL MESS, and we've been slowly fixing things up, even adding a couple of raised beds for a vegetable garden.  As I was clearing, I noticed some berries mixed in with these wild purple flowers and knew I had struck gold!!  I have been nurturing these few little brambles ever since and this year's Spring rains are yielding my biggest crop yet!  I might even have enough for a small pie - if I can keep Sheep and Snacks from picking and eating them as soon as they see a ripe one!

So head out and look for some of mother nature's bounty and head on over Jen's blog to say Howdy!
 . . . . and if you're lucky enough to live here too, give her a warm Texas welcome and tell her I sent ya!

Up for grabs today is a $20 credit to Jen's online store LoneStar Lovlies


There are LOTS of new things in there! So be sure to check it out!   And if you head over to Finding My Way in Texas to enter the giveaway you might just discover a Discount code too!
In true Texas style, one of Jen's fav bloggy people Brandi has offered up a super cute Gold Fish Pouch for Blogapaloosa as well - isn't this fun!!
Zipper Pouch Goldfish

And if you haven't done so already, it's not too late to enter for prizes from Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3!


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    1. Hey Amie- thanks for letting me know and will do!! Hope you'll follow me back too! I love getting new followers and ya just never know what I'm up to next!