Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mmmmmmm . . . Margaritas!

Paula's Texas Orange

It's Cinco de Mayo and that's a celebration around these parts!  We'll be toasting our neighbors to the south tonight with some friends out on the porch (smile) with my favorite frozen beverage - margaritas!!!  This recipe came from a friend's dad, who taught us how to make them back in high school so he didn't have to leave his lounge chair at the lake!  Ahhhh, memories!

I've been serving and bringing these babies everywhere for years and they are a hands-down hit every time.  And, the recipe's easy enough to remember even after you start embibing - bonus!! So, although the recipe didn't originate with me, they have since become 'my signature drink' - Enjoy!

Jennifer's Mr. Gutowsky's Frozen Margaritas
(Don't 'cha love how THAT rolls off the tongue?!)

1 3oz. can of frozen limeade
1 can tequila
1/2 can orange liqueur
enough ice to fill your blender

Blend, pour and serve!

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