Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nine has a Nice 'Ring' to it . . . !

We have had lots to celebrate this week already with Memorial Day and the last day of school (whoop!) but today is another red letter day at the Rollins 'Ranch' because NINE years ago today, Speed and I tied the knot, took the plunge, said "I Do!" and all of the above!

I was fishing through our wedding photos the other night looking for a picture of our centerpieces at the reception to add to my DIY Centerpiece post and found a couple I thought I would share today!  It was fun to look back, especially at our 'varsity squad' - the youngest of whom will graduate high school on Sunday - yet another day to celebrate!

I love you sweetheart and here are NINE reasons why:
  1. You brought 3 beautiful children into my life and gave me 2 more to love - thank you for our very own Party of Five!
  2. You know how to fix just about anything and often do it too (wink, wink)!
  3. You go to work every day to provide for our family and . . .
  4. You come home to us each night.  We love spending time with Daddy!
  5. You indulge my hobbies, even though you neither understand or appreciate them.
  6. You are an optimist.
  7. You make me laugh - A LOT!
  8. You find my lost things and
  9. You are my best friend!

I saw this piece of art in one of the stores in Warrenton called Hope & Glory and it reminded me of 'us.'  I wasn't looking for a blond, motorcycle-riding, divorced, father of three whose jeans have always been smaller than mine (sigh), but God can turn rain into a rainbow, right?!