Sunday, May 27, 2012

Center(piece) of Attention!

Yay!  It's Sunday and no one has to be anywhere tomorrow!!  School is not quite out here (uugh) and I am soooo ready for summer to start!!!  After a busy week planning and executing THE BEST father-daughter dance EVER in the history of girl scouts (more on this later - hee, hee), I am plum tuckered out and haven't felt like doing much of anything other than spend time with my little buddy.   Sheep has headed off with Speed for a weekend at the track, so Snacks and I have been playing at the park, swimming at the pool and just hanging out.  I've missed him this week, which makes me wonder what I'm going to do come August when he heads off to pre-school (sniff).  He's growing so fast!  We are having some friends over tomorrow though, so I'm trying to get motivated to spruce up this house that has been neglected during the chaos as well!

So, here's a quick and pretty centerpiece for your summer table!  I actually made these for the first time 9 years ago (WOW!!) for the reception tables at my wedding because they are easy and inexpensive and can last all summer with the right flowers!  If I can dig up a picture of them, I will add it later!

You will need:

1 large plastic flower pot bottom (this one is about 12" in diameter at the top)
1 small flower pot bottom (this one is about 4" in diameter across the top)
1 hurricane glass with opening the same or smaller than the small flower pot bottom
Potting soil - I use Miracle Grow Moisture Control for this project specifically
Small, compact flowers (I used petunias at the wedding, but they get leggy quickly and require lots of water.  Dianthus work well but my favorites now are Moss Roses because they are a succulent of sorts and don't require as much water)

OK, this is super simple!  Place your small flower pot bottom upside down inside your large flower pot bottom.  Place your hurricane glass on top of the small, inverted bottom so it rests on top of your small bottom.  Depending on what size everything is, it may also completely encompass your small bottom, resting instead slightly inside your large bottom (I am having serious trouble writing this right now without giggling.  Can someone, anyone tell me what these things are really called?  Please, leave me a comment already!)  Anyhoo, place potting soil inside your large bottom, around your small, inverted bottom with the glass.  Add your flowers and a candle and you're done!

Just a couple of tips!  First, make sure you use plastic to protect your table from moisture.  It's also cheaper!  Second, depending on how things come together, you may find that your candle doesn't sit evenly in the glass.  In that case, just empty a bunch of those tiny rocks into the glass (you know, the kind your toddler wags home from the park) to nestle the candle into it.  This is obviously a very shallow planter, so it does require frequent watering.  Hence the use of moisture control soil AND succulents to make it more carefree.  I mean who wants a bunch of hassle in the summer?!

Follow these simple steps and your large (or small) flowered bottom will be the center of attention at your table this summer too - ha!

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