Saturday, November 10, 2012

30 Days of Thaknful - Days 9 & 10

This weekend I am thankful for my bloggy friends, who turn me on creatively, lift me up spiritually and really encourage me with their sweet and often funny comments.  This month marks the 1 year anniversary of my 'return to blogging' and I have learned so much from everyone and made some special friends along the way {smile}.

Transitioning from a working mom to a full-time stay-at-home-mom was more challenging than I could have anticipated.  And frankly, there's still some aspects of stay-at-home-mommyhood that I struggle with.  But I wouldn't trade this opportunity for anything!  That being said, blogging has been a way for me to connect with other grown-ups and more importantly, other creative souls.

I love finding a kindred spirit and I am constantly amazed by all the imaginative and entrepreneurial adventures going on out there.  I feel privileged to be a part of the blogging community and am just so thankful for having friends joining me on this journey.  I only hope that I am returning the favor to you in some  way!

So here's to us!

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  1. Dear Jennifer,
    Your last 2 post are exactly why I love having you as my friend fun, faith and supportive friend always. Plus fellow crafter. I am vey thankful to have you in my life. Keep up the good work