Tuesday, December 11, 2012

How to Wrap Presents Like a Pro: Part Two - The Perfect Pom-Pom!

Yesterday I began my 'mini-series' on how to wrap presents like a pro and shared with you some trade secrets from the big leagues (Macy's and Dillard's) that will make your papered boxes perfect!  Today we are moving on to embellishments, with a quick tutorial on my recent favorite - The Pom-Pom!

The key to a successful pom-pom bow is using a fabric that has some body to it so that it stands on it's own.  Though I actually prefer the heavier weight tulle sold by the bolt, the spooled tulle is so convenient (and is almost always on sale) that I have switched to using it instead.  The trade-off is that you will use a little more to get the same effect and you are limited by the width of tulle as to how big you can really make your pom-pom.  So, if you're wanting to perk up a large package, consider using the tulle on the bolt instead.  Otherwise, it works the same as below!

1.  Choose your tulle (it comes in tons of cute colors) and cut a piece long enough to tie around your package with a single loop.  Do not knot as it will make your pom-pom wiggly!

2.  Begin folding the tulle over on itsself to form a rectangle or square.  You will repeat this 8-10 times.  This was a small package, so i didn't use much length in my folds.

3.  Cut your folded tulle off your bolt.

4.  Now cut through the folded edges to make your individual rectangles.

5.  OK, now here's the secret to perfect pom-poms:  Fold your squares in half, and remove a small wedge from the ends opposite the fold.  This will take out most of the bulk out of the pom pom's middle, making it easier to cinch and fluff.  Trust me on this!

6.  Now it's time to unfold (you will have a wedge removed on both sides now) and pinch pleat together with your fingers.
7.  Pull your ribbon tulle around your package tight, placing pleated squares on top and securing in place with another loop of the tulle around the package.  No need to knot the lightweight tulle, it stays in place nicely with a single loop.  The heavy weight tulle will require a knot because it is much more springy!
8.  Now seperate your tulle layers, pulling them side to side as well as up to make your poof.
9.  Once all your layers are seperated, pull your poof upwards to trim your pom-pom to the desired size.  Be sure to include the long ends of your tulle around the package for the perfect pom-pom . . .
 . . . Every time!
Another quick wrapping tip, since we have a birthday as well as Christmas at our house and Christmas at relatives house each year, I use different colors of tulle to designate which packages go where!  Blue for birthday, red to mom's and white stays home, regardless of what paper it's wrapped in.  This makes it really easy to grab and load gifts on Christmas Eve, without having to stop and read tags, so there's less chance of leaving any behind.  It's so easy, even my brand-new, eight-year-old (sniff) can figure it out!
We're gearing up for a great Christmas and are enjoying the season already.  I hope this quick lesson on pom-poms help make your presents something extra special this year too!
Merry Christmas Y'all!
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  1. Thank you Jen for sharing it. I will try this very soon.

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  3. Great ideas for wrapping gift items.. I'll try it. Thanks!!