Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kiss Me!

This is a project I have been completing (in my head!!) since before Christmas.  I saw something similar at a neighbors house over her kitchen door and immediately thought it would make a great alternative to mistletoe!!  Buuuut, Christmas came and went (sniff) and no letters were made.  Still,  who doesn't want a surprise smooch any ol' time of year, and especially at Valentine's!  And with the constant hustle and bustle in and out of our mess kitchen, what a great reminder to STOP and appreciate what it's all about in the first place!

Between craft store sales and coupons, this project came together for about 10 bucks and it can easily be completed during nap time.  So let's get started!!

Large chipboard letters (Mine came from Hobby Lobby, but you can find them in lots of crafty places these days.)
Staple gun with small or medium staples
Hot glue
Red paint
1 can of Glitter Blast spray paint in Cherry Bomb (I love that name!)

Step 1:
Determine the configuration for your letters and staple/glue as needed.  I needed to  use staples to get the K and I to come together without using a strip of wood or molding below/behind.  I decided to stack the S's for the same reason.  And, I think they look cuter that way anyhoo :o)

Step 2:
Paint a base coat of red paint.  I had some leftover spray paint from our art party but you could use regular acrylic paint as well.  I just wanted to make sure none of the cardboard showed through the glitter paint.

Step 3:  Glitter Blast!!  'Nuf said!

Voila my sweet friends!  Or should I say, "Mmmwah!"

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