Wednesday, February 15, 2012

St. Valentine's

I hope everyone had a Happy St. Valentine's Day yesterday.  With work, kids, and after school activities it's hard to find time to celebrate, so breakfast has become our tradition.  It's an idea I borrowed from my cousin and good friend Denise - and it seems work just fine for us!

So, yesterday we started our morning 'in the pink' so to speak, with pink pancakes (Sheep's favorite), pink milk (food color, NOT strawberry - bleck), fresh strawberries and heart shaped sausage patties I cut out with a cookie cutter.  Now even I will admit that the sausage was probably overboard.  especially for the effort to 'ahhh' ratio it received - ha!!  Otherwise, I subscribe to the KISS principle when it comes to St. Valentine's Day - Keep It Simple Sassy!  So, a book and a small stuffed animal were the only thing waiting for them at the table.  Probably what we enjoyed the most was breakfast with dad, since he usually leaves for work about the time they're getting up in the morning.

Speed and I usually 'KISS' too.  Instead of trying to find a sitter and rushing out after work to dine on an overpriced meal somewhere 'in town,' we sort of celebrated early by catching our favorite band at The Texas Music Theater in San Marcos last weekend instead.  What a great place!!  We were already making a quick road trip with Sport (the youngest on our varsity squad) to tour some Texas universities that weekend and were able to squeeze it in on Friday night!

I credit myself (ha!) for discovering this band and their heartthrob of a lead singer in Austin over a decade ago and IMHO live Texas music just doesn't get any better than Reckless Kelly.  So take a listen y'all - mmwah!!

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  1. Plus delivering Girl Scout cookies and making cupcakes you never stop girl!