Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Not-So-Secret Shopping Rhea Lana!


Last night I told everyone that I would go shop the first ever Rhea Lana event here in South Houston and let y'all know what I found, so here goes!

1.  It really is just like Just Between Friends as far as I could tell, but with less clutter.

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2.  Mom-trepeneur Monica Hodges and her family were so sweet and friendly  - even before I told them I was blogging about the event - that I am happier than ever to spread the word!  Isn't she cute!!  She has high hopes of growing her event each season and focusing on 'designer brand' clothing, so don't just consider shopping, think about consigning too!  Also, consignors have the added bonus of getting to 'pre-shop' the sale - whoo hoo!

3.  Typical to most consignment stores and events, it seemed to have much more to offer in infant clothing and accessories and there was a bigger selection of girls clothing than boys.  As the mom of a 2 year old boy, this was a little disappointing, but I managed to find something {grin}!

I think mom's of boys must be too busy trying to keep them alive to have time to consign their clothes.  I mean, last week I caught Snacks at the top of the stairs - on the OUTSIDE!!!!  Yes, I'm talking 12' up, holding onto the spindles over the tile floor below.  He said grinning, "Look mom!  I climb up!"  It is amazing how calm you can be when your heart stops beating!  Luckily, we both lived to tell the tale - but I digress!

4.  There were several vendors there in addition to the consignment portion of the show.  All of them had raffles and/or show sale pricing too!  So in addition to an outfit for Sheep, and a pair of shorts for Snacks, I managed to pick up a replacement for my trusty water jug that I lost in Round Top and a couple of plastic whistle straws to boot!  It got me thinking about 'de-stashing' some of my smaller sized tees by embroidering them for the Fall show.  We'll see . . . !

5.  At the end of the day, any consignment event is only as good as its consignors, so I hope that you, my loyal local followers, will consider working with Monica to resale your clothing!  You know you've got it, so why not let Monica help you sell it!!  For complete details on how to consign with Rhea Lana, go here.  And if you decide to go, make sure you tell them Sassy sent you!

Happy Shopping Y'all!

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