Sunday, January 29, 2012

At the Hop!

All you gals and chicks can get your kicks at 'The Hop.'  A new blog hop that is!

I am very excited to announce an upcoming blog hop with Randee @ Randee's Organized Chaos and Leanne @ Because I Think I Can!  We will start 'officially' hosting the blog hop next weekend, which will include super SASSY prizes, perhaps even something monogrammed by yours truly (!!), but I am too excited to wait and thought  I would give it a little test drive today!

Just a couple of quick rules:
1.  Have fun!!
2.  Share some sass with some of your awesome fellow bloggers!!
3.  Grab the link and post on your own page so everyone can dance!

So . . . . Let's go to the hop! Let's go to the hop! (Aww baby) Let's go to the hop!!

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