Monday, January 9, 2012


I think all moms should be issued a fairy godmother along with the instruction manual for children that they give you at the hospital when you have a baby.  I mean really, who needs her when your single and have only yourself to attend to?  Ahhhh, those were the days . . . .

Well, the closest thing I've ever had is my BFF.  Weekends with my bestie are full of fun, conversation, LOTS of laughter and typically lots of projects as well.  Seriously, we used to get so much done when we got together.  Nowdays though, we get a few things done but there doesn't seem to be much 'cleaning as we go!'  THere's just too much on the list these days and NEVER enough time together in the first place.

And when Speed agrees to hang with the tiny tornado while we escape vacate the premises for some much needed girl time - things really get out of hand!  Not unlike most dads during NFL playoff season (I presume), his idea of hanging out with Snacks generally means letting him roam free wearing only a diaper (that may or may not need changing) and toting a sippy cup while he and one or mre members of our varsity squad watch the games!  Needless to say, our combined (ahem) relaxation this weekend means this place is a WRECK!!

I was going to show you with a few pics (as a cautionary tale), but I can't even locate my camera right now!

And on top of all the laundry, dishes, crafts and shopping bags that need to magically disappear, I've got birthday invitations to make and deliver today and somehow find a place for what remains of Christmas!  You know what I'm talkin' about - all those tiny or big gifts that you don't seem to have an obvious place for so you just sort of pile them up and then move the pile around wondering 'Am I really going to use this stuff?' or 'Is it too soon to throw it out?'  That stuff.  Honestly, I don't think my house can digest even one more thing - and  we've still got a 7-year-old's birthday party coming in two weeks - AACK!

I've also got a CCE lesson that needs planning, a doctor's appointment that needs attending and girl scout cookies that need selling.  Oh, and I promised to tell y'all about Disney too!  So where IS my fairy godmother?!?!?!

I could really use some bippity-boppity-boo about now.

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  1. TEEE HEEE HEEEE!!!! I was just standing in the kitchen thinking the SAME THING!!!!!!! :(
    I have decided to attack it ONE room at a time!! I think it will take me about a week but I WILL CONQUER!!!! ;)
    We need to talk when you get it all clean!! LOL!!