Friday, January 20, 2012

Lost and Found

A Prayer to St. Anthony

Tony, Tony come around.
Some thing's lost that must be found!

I'm hoping (and praying) that a public plea to the patron Saint of Lost Things will help because I have been MIA this week, with no good excuse, other than the fact that my new camera was recently added to the 'Missing Persons' list at our house!  It now includes:
  • One set of car keys
  • One pair of Sheep's blue jeans
  • Sheep's hot pink bow (MAJOR problem (for mom anyway - ha!!)
  • An MP3 player and
  • Several green binkies (you know the kind, all rubber/no plastic so they bounce and roll when dropped)
Seriously - I have no idea where these things go!  Now I will be the first to admit that my observational skills may be somewhat lacking, as are my organizational skills from time to time, but when Speed can't find things it's entirely possible that they are really just gone!  Snacks is pretty good at finding things too, largely because he's usually responsible for misplacing them when your back is turned - but even he has been no help at all!  And you'd think that a boy IN LOVE with his binky as much as Snacks would keep up with them a tad bit better than he does . . . .

Anyway, after the chaos of Christmas and Disney and back-to-school, I'm afraid that several of these items might have accidentally found their way into the trash somehow (gulp!) which is more than a little bit irritating!!  My camera was last seen on Saturday, when I was taking pictures of a new shirt I embroidered for a friend, so it seemed like it should have been somewhere in the crap craft room, but I tore cleaned that place up and it wasn't there!

Over the weekend, we took down the crib and Sheep's bed and replaced them with bunk beds!!  Yay!!  Have so many ideas for their new shared space that I can't wait to get going on next week!  But we've got a birthday party for Sheep on Saturday and I convinced her that it was time to go through her toys and give some to the kids who might not have had as wonderful a Christmas as she did.  She did a GREAT job and 4 garbage bags of toys and stuffed animals went to Goodwill yesterday.  She has such a generous spirit.  It is one of the things I love most about her!  Luckily, I hadn't bagged everything up until yesterday either, because it gave me one more chance to look for that stinkin' camera.

Found it!!! 

Inside one of the toys that Snacks had drug out to play with earlier this week!  That little stinker!!


Just in time for our ART PARTY this weekend!!  So stay tuned!!

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