Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Dog Ate My Homework!!


Remember that new Animal Shelter the Daisies have been working so hard for all semester?

Well they're about to get their first visitor!!!

I crazily happily agreed to bake cookies for Sheep and her classmates to decorate at their X-mas party.  Yes, you heard me right.  I said X-mas Party - which is what it apparently should be called since it's public school and I guess we're not supposed to acknowledge that it's a Christmas Party.  "We" call it a "Winter Party" instead - but that's a topic for another day :o)

I was patting myself on the back and generally feeling like 'clever and efficient mom' upon agreeing to bring cookies for the class, because I was already supposed to be baking cookies for decorating at the Girl Scout Christmas Party (Yes!  We called it a Christmas Party!!) tonight!  So today I spent the whole, entire afternoon baking 5 DOZEN(!!!) cut out sugar cookies and whipping up 2 batches of homemade frosting.  Which happened to be JUST ENOUGH for the two parties!!

Only 1 dozen of said cookies went with us to Girl Scouts while the other 4 dozen stayed behind with our only surviving dog  - for now!!!

HERE is what was left when I got home!

Does this look like 4 dozen cookies to you?!?!?!


So, while Katie is 'sleeping it off'' on the sofa, I'm back in kitchen at, let's see here, 11:05 PM, to make another batch of cookie dough to roll out and bake bright and early in the morning!!  Uuugh!

Good heavens, where IS my wine . . . . .!

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