Thursday, December 8, 2011

Peppermint Kissmas: Beyond the Christmas Tree

Just put my SEVEN year old to bed (What a great day!) so I thought I might try to sit down and show you a little bit more of my Peppermint Kissmas decorations tonight after all!

I like to have Christmas throughout the house, not just in the great rooms.  If it were up to me and we had the room, I'd start with a christmas tree in each one.  But as it is, we're short on space (definitely a rant topic for another day) so we stick to our 'skinny' tree in the living area and a small tree for the JV squad upstairs.  Sheep (now SEVEN - ack!) and Snacks (not yet 2) make up our JV team BTW.

Even without a tree, it's EASY to incorporate Christmas decorations throughout the house and it's FUN to find Christmas in unexpected places!!  Especially if you'll have guests this season.  We're participating in a progressive dinner later this month so stay tuned!!

I usually have a piece of stained glass in my kitchen window.  This year I replaced it with a ribbon ornament display and some nutcrackers on the ledge!  I didn't want to obstruct the view too much, so I decided to hang some of the ornaments on fishing line and staggered the lengths for more interest.  It reminds me of candy snowflakes falling - yummm :o)

I removed the cake stand and pictures that usually sit atop my oven and replaced them with a large photo of the JV squad with Santa in a bright red frame, some ornaments and a cute little Santa that jumped into my bag at The Nutcracker Market this year!

In fact, I use Santa pictures, all in RED frames, throughout the house at Christmastime!  I keep my eye out for red frames on sale all year long and can't wait to POP this year's picture with Santa into one!  The kids LOVE to see pictures of themselves 'when they were little,' and the rest of our family and friends do too.  As you can see, she wasn't always a great picture taker - ha!  But it's one of my favorites and we all get a good laugh from it each year!

In the true spirit of Christmas,  I took my 'Charlie Brown' garland that was set to be thrown out and turned it into a beautiful Christmas swag above the desk in our breakfast room!  Just like the mantle, it's anchored with 'Command' hooks to keep it from falling forward and littering my kitchen with pine needles.  Linus would be proud!

You can do something similar over mirrors or other horizontal surfaces in your house as well.  Repeating the color scheme throughout your house keeps things looking unified instead of cluttered (too bad I can't say the same for the desk itself - don't judge!).  In the mirror you can also catch a glimpse of my chandelier wreath.

I even sweetened up the guest bathroom with another ribboned ornament display and a couple of ornaments in the towel basket dressed up with more ribbon.  Finish off with a monogrammed hand towel and you're ready for company - I'll bring the wine!!

Merry Christmas y'all!

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